Price list

Prices for new projects
Main Page Coding
according the delivered graphic I will create HTML, CSS, JS files
Subpages Coding
according the delivered graphic
15€ / template
Graphical Web Design
making a psd file
Making a site in Wordpress, Drupal
according the delivered templates
from 200€
Web site creation in WP, Drupal and other CMS
complete solution inlcuding graphic design
from 300€
Smaller E-shop
typical this shops are with one focus, e.g: sale of furniture
from 350€
Facebook Fan page
sites for facebook fan pages
from 100€
Programming in PHP
20€ / hour
Prices for exisitng projects
Editing HTML, CSS, JS
additional changes for smaller static pages
10€ / file
Editing themes for Wordpress, Drupal...
it depends if it is about smaller code edits or expansion modules
from 15€ / file
Optimizing web pages
SEO only for search engines but also for users
from 15€
Adaptation of web pages
adaptations for mobiles, tablets, notebooks, desktops...
from 100€
Completion of unfinished web projects
have you unfinished web project because of time or you just don't have enough people?
from 100€


There is a similarity between buying a page and a flat hous. You decide if you will have a large flat with two rooms, kitchen and a sperate toilet. And if it will be a brcik or panel house, if it will be in a town or in a perifery... And somthing simillar you will have within the page. It also depends on the size of the project (number of subpages), used technologies and if you wish to ask only local clients or outlanders and so on.


That's the reason why there can't be fixed prices, if we don't know what's on your mind and what you desire. So therefor if you are not sure what will your project cost, drop me a note and I will send you a quotation. It's free and we can always make a deal.
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